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Atrofina De Metals provides Top-of-the Line, World Class Quality Chemicals. Our Development Team is constantly sourcing new products to add to our extensive range of industrial chemicals..


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  With a product portfolio of Chemicals, Atrofina De Metals Ltd. has a solid presence of supplying and distributing to clients across the World. As a well-established supplier, we have a significant number of longstanding, exclusive agreements with major world brands. This enables us to bring you the very best quality products, coupled with exceptionally high levels of service. Experienced teams of professionals ensure that not only do we meet current legislative requirements, but also we exceed them, keeping us ahead.  
  Research and Developmant provides the foundation for Atrofina De Metals and sets us apart from our competition. Atrofina De Metals is committed to research and development. We regularly increase our annual Research and Development spending to keep us ahead of the competition and make us up to the mark in Latest Technological Trends. Through the diversity of our research and technology, we are able to create value for our customers that is unique to our products. We know technology is fundamental to maximizing the value of our customers' businesses as well as our own and so are fully committed to maintaining world-class personnel and research facilities. With our constant quest for excellence, technology, whether acquired outside the company or developed within, plays a crucial role in propelling us beyond the competition.

By continually advancing our technology, we can:

Develop Products: Leveraging our knowledge helps us to successfully develop new solutions for our customers in breakthrough chemical technology.

Tailor Products: Our customers do not all require the same properties from our products. We've found that by working closely with them, we're often able to adjust or tailor our products specifically to their needs.

Improve Products: We direct much of our energy toward improving the products we provide and the processes we use to make them. With focused effort we strive to do it faster, better and less expensively.

Develop Applications: In many cases, we can save customers money and help them improve their end products through the development of innovative applications using our Products. We work very closely with customers to combine our collective expertise to design and implement new and better applications.

1. Further improve and refine production techniques to satisfy diverse requirements from existing customers as well as from emerging markets sector.
2. Develop more new chemical compound products to support customers varying applications.
3. Find more avenues to further lower cost.
4. Promote added values to existing products.  


Driven by the belief that futuristic products are the elixir of growth, a dedicated and talented team of Research & Development professionals remain focused on exploring new areas of core competence.

  A strong desire for continuous innovation forms the bedrock of the efforts of this team and our modern R & D lab sufficiently supports their efforts. Perseverance & Passion for new ideas are the driving forces which leverage their efforts to develop New product Solutions, Processes and Applications.

A strong harmony between R&D, Production and Marketing teams aid in fine tuning the production processes to make them more efficient and environment friendly.


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