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Atrofina De Metals provides Top-of-the Line, World Class Quality Chemicals. Our Development Team is constantly sourcing new products to add to our extensive range of industrial chemicals..


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  With a product portfolio of Chemicals, Atrofina De Metals Ltd. has a solid presence of supplying and distributing to clients across the World. As a well-established supplier, we have a significant number of longstanding, exclusive agreements with major world brands. This enables us to bring you the very best quality products, coupled with exceptionally high levels of service. Experienced teams of professionals ensure that not only do we meet current legislative requirements, but also we exceed them, keeping us ahead.  
Specification for Zinc Oxide 99.7% (French Process) #22511A
1.Appearance White powder/ pellet
2.Assay (ZnO) 99.7 min.
Specification for Zinc Oxide 99.5% (French Process) #22521A
1.Appearance White powder
2.Assay (ZnO) 99.5 min.
Specification For Zinc Oxide 99.5% (American Process) #22531A
1.Appearance White powder
2.Assay (ZnO) 99.5% min.
Specification for Oxide De Zinc Actif   (BET 15-20 m2/gr) #22541A
1.Appearance White powder
2.Assay (ZnO) 93%
3.Surface Area (m2/g) 15-20 m2/g
Specification for Oxide De Zinc Actif (BET 25-35 m2/gr) #22551A
1.Appearance White powder
2.Assay (ZnO) 90%
3.Surface Area (m2/g) 25-35 m2/gr.
  *** Special Surface area can be provided on demand.
Specification for Oxide De Zinc Actif (BET 30-50 m2/gr) #22561A
1.Appearance White powder
2.Assay [(ZnO)x (ZnCO3)y] 85%
3.Surface Area (m2/g) 30-50 m2/gr.
  *** Special Surface area can be provided on demand.
Conductive Zinc Oxide Powder
Target Properties



Mean Particle Size
(m )

Surface Area

Oil Absorption


(cm )

LC-003 65~ 75 1.5~3 5~10 14~16 7.0~8.5 10~30
Wet Process Oxide De Zinc Actif
The most important usage for zinc oxide is as an activator in rubber industry. However the inorganic Zinc Oxide is not so easily to disperse in organic rubber polymer. How to increase the dispersion on rubber is the most important thing for Zinc Oxide manufactory.

The Wet Process Zinc Oxide is one way we consider. In this process, we can make more fine particle size zinc oxide to increase the surface area. The higher surface area of zinc oxide, the easier to disperse in rubber.

Here is the comparison of
Oxide De Zinc Actif with French Process Zinc Oxide.


  Oxide De Zinc Actif  French Process Zinc Oxide
True specific gravity 4.8 5.27
Apparent density 0.502 0.87
Surface Area(m2/g) 45 3-5
Lead (Pb)% 0.0005 ~0.05
pH 7.5-10.0 7.0


    As compared with French type zinc oxide, Oxide De Zinc Actif is :

  1. Specific gravity is smaller.
  2. The surface area is much higher, so the crossing linking density is higher.
  3. Harmful impurities are less.
  4. It contains very low lead and create no blacken, the color of vulcanized rubber is much clear.
  5. Due to its micro particle size, it is superior in dispersion shortening of vulcanization cycle resulting in saving of machine time and power consumption.


  1. Oxide De Zinc Actif improves the degree of cross-linking and thus improve the modulus, tear resistance and abrasion resistance. It also improves aging properties and gives good protection against flex cracking.
  2. With their extremely fine particles, Oxide De Zinc Actif easily disperses thereby facilitating the process of latex compounds, thus behaving as a good activator e.g. in teats, gloves, balloons and similar articles, it reduces pin holes in latex products and also provide shine / transparency on finished products.
  3. Use of Oxide De Zinc Actif results in good dimensional stability to extruded profiles, tubing and open air cured articles in general, the effect particularly pronounced in EPDM compounds.
  4. Generally, active Zinc oxide use about 20-40% lesser than French Process ZnO gives desired results. With fine tuning of formulation settings, considerable savings can accrue on account of lower inputs such as: machine time, power consumption, accelerators and blowing agents etc..., in many formulations, THUS GIVING ECONOMY AND BETTER PROCESS CONTROLS IN ULTIMATE ANALYSIS.




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